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good morning, america. this morning -- two days left until an extremely close and utterly unpredictable presidential election. overnight the president bringing out celebrities. katy perry. john mellencamp. dave matthews. while mitt romney's strongest surrogate, ann romney, choking up. a nor'easter bears down. free gas causes chaos. how they're dealing with that dangling crane. the rescue caught on tape. a hiker trapped for three days by sandy's record snowfall. he thought that he was near the end when rescuers risking their own lives, found him. and party foul. pippa middleton defends herself against critics on her new book.
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some calling it a royal embarrassment. happy sunday to everyone at home. the final sunday before election day. it's hard to believe that this campaign has been going on for nearly two years and now we're down to the last two days. voters are starting to have their say. take a look at these long lines for early voting. george stephanopoulos will be here to discuss it all. >> it's the big question. we got the smartest guy in the business. coming up, in the northeast, this election is playing out against the backdrop utterly scrambled by sandy. now, new jersey, will allow voters vote by e-mail. take a look at this picture -- from the cover of the upcoming new york magazine.
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it takes the breath away. half of the island in the darkness. >> one week ago tomorrow where sandy hit. coming up, the emotional story of the high school football star that the biggest play the touchdown he intentionally did not make with the full support of his coach and teammate. but, we're going to start here with insult to injury. for millions of people who don't have heat, power or water after sandy, it's now dangerously cold and there's a big new storm brewing. abc meteorologist ginger zee has been this story from the jump. ginger, good morning to you. look at the temperatures. charleston, west virginia is in the cold. but everybody else in the 30s. new york city 39. the outskirts outside of the city even colder. closer to freezing. . the windshields this morning are
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right there with you. as people getting power back, stay in the 30s not only for nyc but atlantic city. freezing by early tuesday. we have to talk about this storm, of course, you got that jet stream holding on to that cold air. grab some moisture down in the southeast and that's where it picks up the pace and it starts to form the nor'easter. rain show frers the carolinas tuesday down into florida. for wednesday, it starts to move north. that's when the winds pick up in the northeast. and then by thursday, it really mixing with some cold air. coastal new england gets the rain. poconos getting into some of the know. how much and what to expect? here it is, one to three inches of rain. six to 12-foot waves. and that inland snow. so many people still without power. all right, ginger, thank you. we'll turn now to politics. we're in the final push before election day.
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your voice your vote. the latest abc news/washington post tracking poll. show president obama and mitt romney deadlocked at 48%. for mitt romney a final chance for him to appeal to his base especially in ohio. david muir is with the romney team in cleveland. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. 48 hours until election day. the battleground blitz continues for both campaigns. overnight, mitt romney in ohio. overnight in a crowd of front of 17,000, mitt romney in colorado. in an all-out sprint to the finish. >> thank you, colorado. >> in the last 48 hours, both campaigns crisscrossing the country. romney's closing argument who
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that makes the case that he's the -- >> each across the street to neighbor that has the other sign in his front yard. and i'm going to reach across the aisle in washington, d.c., to the politicians who are working for the other candidate. >> ann romney making a trip to the back of the plane. talking about the american people who are hurting, saying three more days. on to colorado, where she was visibly moved by the thousands who gathered at the first stop there. >> this is our time to turn -- to turn the country around. >> reporter: her husband in these final hours, turning back to central argument of this campaign, this election is about who can fix the economy. >> i can't wait to get started. he's hoping we settle.
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we listen to the voices inside that say we can do better. >> reporter: there will be several stops today here in cleveland, ohio, then a rare appearance in pennsylvania. i asked if this was stop in the pennsylvania to expand the map given president obama's slim lead in some of the key battleground states. no, they're going there because they see the same support. they hope to capitalize. they're hoping that this will be one of those surprise states come election day. >> thank you, dave. this race could come down to ohio. the candidates are treating it like the precious from the lord of the ring, as jon stewart said. romney has been to ohio 67 times. the president has made 20 visits. spending almost $64 million. the president will be back there today. he's waking up in new hampshire.
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where we find abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: good morning, dan. ohio is the row set that stone of this election. president obama will be back in the state tomorrow. truly any one of these battleground states could be pivotal because the race is tied and so, so close. the latest poll has it tied here as well. wracking up roughly 1500 miles yesterday alone on the air force one frequent flier program, president obama is jetting from battleground to battle ground. his pitch -- i'm the same idealistic nonpartisan that you voted for last year. >> the fights were fighting they're not partisan. i want to work together. i believe we're all americans first, not democrats or republicans first. >> reporter: he believes that romney represents failed policies of the past and not trust-worthy, not what he seems. he pushes the vote to go with
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the one they know. >> you know me. some times you may be frustrated with the change. >> reporter: stars, the hollywood kind, are aligning for the president. doing what they can to help generate excitement. >> i'll do anything to get to you vote. i'll punch myself in the face. i don't care. >> reporter: katy perry in milwaukee helped bring a crowd of 20,000. john mellencamp in dubuque 20,000. dave matthews joined with former president bill clinton. >> i want to vote for a president who's been a good commander in chief. >> reporter: are they hearing the message? >> i wish they turn this mike up. >> reporter: the obama campaign talks up its get out the vote effort. including bianna, 1.7 million
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new voter registrations. that's twice as many they accomplished in 2008. we'll see tuesday night if it ended up having that effect. >> all right, jake, thank you. president obama paid a surprise visit to fema headquarters stressing the importance of the relief effort. supplies still scarce, lines long and patience thin. the dire situation's not expected to get much better for a few more days. abc's alex perez has been following an emergency shipment of gas to the stations. in new jersey with that story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. even at this hour, take a look behind me, that's a lin of cars waiting for gas. many of those people have been waiting overnight. that line stretches for several blocks. the good news is, the pain could begin to ease very soon. this morning, some of the much-needed gasoline slowly
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trick ling in. fema are coordinating free gasoline across the states. like this one in freehold, new jersey. >> i saw the trucks. >> reporter: across the region, there are areas where help hasn't arrived. near hackensack, new jersey, they're standing in yet another line, hoping to get gas for their generator. >> people are just -- they're losing their patience. >> reporter: the same feelings that many have endured for weeks now. lining up on foot and in cars for hours on end just to get a gallon of gas. but help is on the way. 22 million gallons of gasoline that the feds promised. after an hour of waiting outside in the cold, tim and melissa are finally about to get some gas. but their journey is not over yet. they still have to make the trek home by foot.
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after a 20-minute walk, tim and melissa make it home and finally fill their generator, for the first time in six days, they have power, heat and a warm meal. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: tim and melissa say they'll have to continue their routine for standing in line for gasoline until they're able to get the power back on. the owner here at this station, they are completely tapped out. dan? >> alex, thank you. >> gas is just one part of the recovery, power is starting to come back and the subways are mostly running again. the same cannot be said though for the new york city marathon. the largest in the world canceled at the last minute due to controversy. some runners, however, are making good use of this day. and john schriffen has more on that. >> reporter: good morning, dan. instead of thousands of runners making their way to the starting line, many will be coming right
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here to staten island ferry to gather donations. lot going on here in downtown manhattan. 5,000 gallons of water being pumped out of a subway station a minute to get it running. we have signs of normalcy popping up. but still a lot of work to be done. flying high above the tristate, abc news got a close look at the cleanup efforts. the canal that separates new jersey from staten island where 350,000 gallons of fuel spilled over as a result of the superstorm. >> i think we're starting to win as far as the response. >> reporter: and this morning, a welcome sight, the crane that dangled so precariously, is now safely tethered to the side of the building. >> we have a little bit of more work to do. we hope to open west 57th street
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to traffic. >> reporter: a small sign conditions in new york are looking up. excitement to have the light and sounds of normalcy. as more subways begin to run. >> i have been in the house every day with the baby. i'm excited to go back to work. >> reporter: grocery stores reopened. as manhattan begins to recover, much of the region is still suffering. now, adjusting to a new normal in the wake of sandy's aftermath getting all of the help they can get to begin a long road to recovery. and, the organization in charge of the new york city marathon has decided to donate all of the food and supplies from the race to people in need. the election's coming up on tuesday, new jersey has decided that anyone effected by the storm in their state will be able to vote by fax or e-mail.
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>> that's right, john, sandy putting campaigning on hold for a few months. what impact could the hurricane have on tuesday's election? let's bring in george stephanopoulos. exciting last go days here. but the president seemed to gain some momentum in sandy's wake. but polls are showing that romney is gaining popularity. >> our latest poll shows an absolutely dead-heat. 48-48. that said, the president has been maintaining a lead in those battlegrounds. hurricane sandy, you had karl rove, president george w. bush's strategist saying that helped president obama over the last several days. they believe it blocked mitt romney's momentum and help burn ish his bipartisan credentials.
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>> is the die cast? >> it's pretty much cast with this one exception. they have to build excitement among their voters in these last 48 hours. it's all about turnouts. ohio, iowa and wisconsin. going with bruce springsteen in the final 48 hours. it's about building excitement. governor romney has been getting some pretty big crowds in florida and virginia. >> when do you think we'll know? a late, late night tuesday? >> no question it's going to be a late night tuesday. i think we're going to know. i think it's going to be clear enough even though it's shaping up to be the closest presidential race in history. >> the talking about how they have the historic power getting people out to vote, any evidence about how who has a stronger ground game? >> both candidates have strong
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ground games. more than 40 p% of the votes are already in colorado. almost 40% in the state of iowa have voted right now. the president has been working at this for more than two years. romney modeling his campaign on george w. bush's campaign. >> secretary of state in ohio said that view the candidates as house guests as they're eager to see leave. later this morning, george stephanopoulos will be hosting the final edition of "this week" before the election. on tuesday night, george, diane sawyer and the entire abc news political team will be at our election headquarters in times square all night long, it could be a long night as results come in. >> you can feel the excitement leading up to tuesday. believe it or not, other headlines to tell you about and ron claiborne is here for that. two police officers in
4:17 am
atlanta were killed in a helicopter crash last night while searching for a missing child the helicopter went down in the busy intersection. managed to hitting anyone on the ground. the new york city nanny who allegedly killed two children in her care has formally charged with their deaths. police arrested and charged yoselyn ortega in her hospital room. the navy has relieved the commanders of their duties -- he was removed after. and more than 1,000 people, many of them with puppets turned out for the million puppy march in washington, d.c. they were showing government funding for pbs.
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the reaction was made after romney's comments about cutting the deficit, including less money for public television finally, no excuses to be lazy this sunday morning. he's climbing the stairs of wilson tower with a groundbreaking bionic leg. the leg is controlled by his thoughts. it's pretty wild. he's climbing the 103 floors as part of the annual sky rise event. how about that? pretty amazing. >> incredible. >> i tried to get my body to do all sortover things. it's fall back. so, if you're at all confused by your clocks, it's fall back. >> the best day of the year who work in morning television. ginger over to you. >> except the meteorologist who gets in before midnight.
4:19 am
either way, you need to get some sleep later and it's going to be easy to sleep in along the foggy gulf coast. 81 for tallahassee. the cold front comes in and severe storms possible in southeast georgia and up through north carolina. the main threat today, in that severe zone, hail. you could see some supercell egg action. but, light snow mixing in the dako dakotas. chicago, today, a little bit below average. above average in l.a. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home.
4:20 am
you know as i was covering sandy, we were driving through new jersey. the colors are out and beautiful. after the storm, the leaves were gone. see in the background, too, the snow looks really pretty from sandy. that's from the smokey mountains. then sunset in california. a beautiful one. from carlsbad. the king of beers. budweiser temporarily turning off its brewing. >> that putting something else in the can, abc's john muller is on the story. >> good morning. sandy is a story about people. millions of them. amid those struggles and
4:21 am
personal dramas corporations are pitching in. they're not turning water into wine, but it's almost miraculous. they're turning beer into water. 44,000 cases of zero brew h20 instead of brew. heading to the new york/new jersey. >> personally for me, it does mean a little bit more because i do have family that has been affected by it. >> reporter: they have been converting beer lines to water lines for disaster relief dating back to the san francisco earthquake of 1906. >> lot of people don't have opportunities to help. we look at this an opportunity to help. >> reporter: anheuser busch by no means alone. victoria secret generated
4:22 am
attention loaning their generators to the national guard during the storm. for all of the corporations helping out, this bud's for you. or in this case, well, you get the idea. all right, some other examples. phone stations setting up charging stations. walmart, home depot, lowe, cvs, many donating cash and supplies. >> i have a hunch that there are some people in the flood zone that might prefer beer than water. disney, the parent company of abc is designating tomorrow as the day of giving. involving the entire programming. 8:00 raising money for the relief efforts. >> our anchors, correspondents our staff, everyone is going to be participating.
4:23 am
again that is tomorrow. our day of giving. coming up here on "good morning america" -- look at this rescue caught on tape. a hiker trapped i on a mountain due to sandy. plus, football hero. the emotional and heartwarming story of the high school gridiron star who jumped out of bounds with the goal line just one step away. so, why did he do it? and why does he feel so great about it. pippa middleton playing defense against brutal criticism of her new book. what is she saying now. it's all coming up on "good morning america" this sunday morning. keep it here.
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♪ it's the highlight of a high school football star will remember for the rest of hi life. with a clear shot at the end zone, he intentional steps out of bounds one yard shy of scoring the touchdown. coach and his teammates cheered him on all the way and for a good reason. the play that followed will warm your heart and promise you, bring a tear to your eye. this kid is amazing. he has a 4.0 gpa. has picked up by michigan and this is the play that he'll mostly be remember for. this is sunday, november 4th. pippa middleton getting -- at one point got a lot of good press during sister's wedding. but she's been taken some heat recently over this new book written. this morning, she's fighting back
4:31 am
finally, the baby who is ready for a black belt using kung fu to take on a toy dragon. his name is romeo elvis. but we begin this half-hour with the life and death rescue on the appalachian state trial. sandy dumped a record snowfall? tennessee when he began trapped, rescuers braved the cold, wind and snow to track him down. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: steven ames worth was running out of time. >> i felt that i wouldn't make it through one night. >> reporter: he set monday in tennessee on the final leg of 2,000 mile like. but superstorm sandy hit unexpectedly fast. he was stranding in a tiny shelter for three days. liking to safety impossible. >> it took me eight hours to go about a mile and a quarter. >> reporter: with food and water running out and unable to feel
4:32 am
his freezing feet, he needed help. his phone managed just enough signal to reach 911. >> i was in pretty tough shape then. >> reporter: on friday, tennessee highway patrol sergeant and his team took to the skies. >> we were able to follow his footprints in the snow for approximately a mile and a half. >> reporter: but conditions turned treacherous. >> the winds were really, really howling. it was like riding a roller-coaster and bumper cars all at one time. >> reporter: jeff buchanan lowered to ames worth whose shoes are now frozen. dangling in only his socks ames worth is finally rescued. >> they said to me, did you bring a credit card? and i said, i did. and they said, good, you're
4:33 am
buying us steaks. as long as i can have the first one. >> reporter: he's exhausted but otherwise fine and grateful. >> they'll say it's just, well, that's our job and you know, this is what we're supposed to do. i'm telling you, that -- that's more than a job. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. lot of other news overnight. ron claiborne with a look at the headlines. in the news, both major party presidential candidates are sprinting towards the finish line with just two days to go before the election day. president obama has four campaign stops today. mitt romney will visit four states. new jersey is now allowing people affected by superstorm sandy to vote by e-mail or by fax. more than 1 million people in the state are still without power and fuel shortages mean very long lines to fill up for gasoline. overall, more than 2.6 million homes and businesses still in
4:34 am
the dark there in the garden state. finally, this amazing story of team spirit. in ohio, giving up the glory of scoring a touchdown, to help another player going through a touch time. st. clarsville junior is used to making big plays on the football play. the 17-year-old running back has committed to the university of michigan after his team wraps up an undefeated season this year. but it with us this play in an early october game when he stepped out of bounds just one yard shy of a touchdown that has many calling him a hero. >> to be able what happened what happened. >> reporter: believe it or not, the coach planned for ferns to run out of bounds. also the big score and the boosted spirits that come with it could go to this young man,
4:35 am
freshman logan thompson whose father died two days earlier after suffering a stroke. >> he met the world to me. made me forget all of the bad things. >> reporter: thompson had insisted despite his father's death, to suit up for the game. ferns and his team mates conspired to give the kid a special way to brat. after telling ferns to stop short of the end zone, coach mclien sent thompson into the game, his first start as a varsity running back and a few moments later, he scored his first touchdown. >> when we got together to honor logon and a his father, we never thought that it would never the locker room. time now for the weather and ginger dee. time to get political with the weather. we start with washington, d.c., temperatures did drop to 39
4:36 am
early this morning. now rebounding back into the whos. the sunshine will be out, mostly to partly sunny day. today's not the day we want to focus on. we want to focus on the election day forecast. couple of spots that we need you to know about. parts of atlanta into south carolina. then wisconsin going to see a mix of rain and snow. that again is for tuesday. i'll leave you with a big picture for today. now, a closer look at home. this weather report has been brought to you by little caesar's pizza. >> ginger, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" pippa middleton strikes back after getting grilled by
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as we all remember pippa middleton was a royal scene stealer remembered for almost upstaging her sister during the wedding of prince william and kate. now, she's again making and writing headlines while defending herself against critics attacking her first book. here's abc's nick sclifin. pippa middleton reportedly received $650,000 to write that cooking book. but she was roasted by the critics. now she's out with this article. pippa's posterior made her famous. her book celebrate is making her -- one critic called it so basic it was written for people who needed help making tea. she defends herself, i wanted to produce something that was achievable, something that people would have on their shelves for years. she credits her family including
4:42 am
her famous sister and reveals for the first time that she worked in that working-class establishment, a pub. >> she was quite keen to write something that reflected her a little bit more and how she's learned all of these tips. where she's learned them from. >> reporter: some culinary chops by citing her less traditional dishes. not everyone can make slow braised pig cheeks. or how about pigeon-breast salad. pippa makes them all. she knew that critics would come. she sat down with children to make halloween decorations. listen carefully to the girl on the left. pippa's first detractor. she's pair didding the adult.
4:43 am
>> it takes that control and this is why i have done it. this is why i'm putting it out there. something else that you probably didn't know about pippa, she likes whiskey source. and she plans to write two books. one about children's parties and one about weddings. >> all right. >> children's parties, maybe she shouldn't invite the girl with the devil ears. coming up in "fixation." living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain.
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my obsession ♪ time now for "fixation" now where we show you stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week. i'll begin this one. i have a little boy, jake, 7 months old. i found this guy on the internet. jake can move. but not like this dude. take a look, romeo elvis is his name. he takes on his dragon toy. >> wait a second. wait a second. violent child. >> his father actually made that video. he's french canadian director. we're going to go to the animal kingdom for a rare visit. in wisconsin. cat's trying to get into this cookie jar and then loses it. and the dog takes it. this video is a lot longer. the cat put a lot of effort in getting that biscuit and the dog
4:49 am
scoops it up. and for mine, i have to do my type of nuptials. if it ever happened, this is would what we would do. get married up at 13,000 feet. this is the couple emily and allen wood. there they go, not just them, but their bridal party, too. >> you would be bored doing that. jump from space or something? speakingover ginger, this has been a week where weather people are getting a lot of well-defshgd accolades after sandy. including members of our enextreme team here at abc news. take a look at this. who's responsible for hurricane sandy? best qualifies him for to be president. 30% said barack obama and 30% mitt romney.
4:50 am
40% said handsome meteorologist sam champion. >> well defshgd. there was a little tribute to ginger we might say and involved a little hip-hop music and the recut some of her reporting in the middle of the story. listen. ♪ >> that is great. i love it. >> that is good, ginger. my hat was coming out. >> do we know who made it? >> i don't know who made it. i saw it. >> perhaps your future husband. >> you want to jump out of a plane? i love how you make funny of me already. >> ginger zee, we told you. >> her next weather forecast will be brought to you by with a large clock around her. we'll be right back. keep it here on "good morning america." ♪
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and before we leave you an important note don't forget tomorrow is our abc day of giving day kicking off here on "good morning america" at 8:00 as we begin a network width drive to raise money for hurricane relief. thanks for watching abc news.
4:56 am
always online at go we're going to leave you with ginger zee out in the storm zone as sandy bears down. i think we got the video. there we go. we'll be back. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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. >> breaking news. thousands of employees has been to hit the picket lines in an hour after last minute talks broke down early this morning. we will have a live report. >> and a richmond commercial building fire breaks out with an apple -- alcohol anonymous meeting going on, damaging four businesses. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. 6:39 is the official sunrise and it sets at 5:07 today. we have clear conditions of the santa rosa pretty close to the dewpoint so maybe a little bit of fog up toward our friends in the north bay and along the coast. but later on this afternoon, boy, we are warming up quickly.
5:01 am
in fact, today temperatures will climb into the lower 80s in you are warmest east bay valleys. up he were 60s at the coast. we are on our way to a pretty warm air mass today. possible records in the days to come. and although the sun sets pretty early, it will still be a nice evening with numbers dropping through the 60s. a full look at the warmth and a big stream coming up the end of the work week. that's a little later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news. workers at israeli's grocery stores in california and nevada are preparing to walk off the job in about an hour. it's a dispute over wages, healthcare and other benefits. we are joined live from the store in fremont with the details. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. union grocery workers are expected to walk off the job at 6:00 this morning. this, after contract negotiations broke down overnight. and this actually follows days of contentious negotiation was a
5:02 am
federal mediator and just hours after this midnight deadline passed. just five hours ago. both sides say the labor contract was being extended on an hour by hour basis up until that point. raillys offered to extend the contract for three days and return to the bargaining table but union officials with the united food workers union say that was a delaying tactic. the two sides, as karel mentioned, are battling over a proposed wage freeze an elimination of premium pay for sunday shifts and healthcare benefits. dispute involves about 7,000 union members, 128 railly, nob hill and bell hill stores could be impacted. this would be the first strike in their 77 year history. live in fremont, kera, abc7 news. >> thank you. a firefighter is hospitalize this had morning after being
5:03 am
injured battling a fire that damaged four businesses in richmond last night. fire began around 8:00 behind a business complex at mcdonald's avenue and marine away. the flames quickly spread, forcing evacuation of an aa meeting taking place there. the building was completely on fire when they first arrived so they called in extra help. it took about a an hour and a half to bring things under control. injured firefighter hurt his back. and look at this apartment fire in san rafael yesterday with flames shooting through the roof and out the window of an upper floor apartment. you can so a barge crew that was dredging nearby san rafael creek go to wonk first they tried shoveling water and mud on the fire but couldn't quite reach it. then the operator pulled the barge closer and another worker sprayed water on the flames until fire crews arrived. neighbors and firefighters thanked the barge crew for their quick action. nobody was injured. a livermore art teacher has
5:04 am
been arrested for indecent exposure. police say carlos exposed himself in his car and tried to lure children on halloween night in san leandro. someone saw him and put him under citizens arrest. he's other teacher at the livermore valley charter preparatory school. the east coast is slowly getting back to normal burks not quickly enough for many people. power is back on in several places, including lower manhattan. but 2.2 million people in several states still have no electricity as overnight temperatures dipped into the 30s. the gas rationing is now underway. people are restricted to buying ten gallons. 80% of new york subway system has been restored. schools are scheduled to reopen tomorrow. today's new york city marathon has been cancelled. fema funds have been approved to repair damaged roads and building in new york city and outlying areas that still need a lot of help.
5:05 am
abc news reporter robert reports. the nypd patrols the dark streets surrounding this beach, a welcome site for residence, who say the city has been slow to respond to their crisis. anthony said he will never forget the night sandy came ashore, flooding his neighborhood with up to five feet of water. >> this is like nothing you have ever seen in my worst nightmare. the scariest movie i've ever seen times ten. >> he used this to rope to rescue three neighbors by pulling them off their roof and into his second story bedroom but he would rather talk about the hundreds of volunteers who descended on his neighborhood over the past few days. >> but the heroes are the people walking around feeding everybody and bringing hot food and coffee and towels and everything. the people around here because nobody else did nothing for us. >> it started off with me and my husband, and then from there just people kept coming. >> gail helped set up this donation center in what was an
5:06 am
empty parking lot. >> we've had an abundance of help. it's been slowly and gradually like building it's way up as far as the supplies and the helpers. there was a whole fence. as you san see, pieces are still standing. >> cheryl is one of the residents who was able to get some much-needed help. >> it's, you know, gut-wrenching. i grew up here my whole life. >> her family's home was flooded and there's not much left but the structure is intact which means it can be salvaged. >> i'll have fun with my mother picking out new carpets and tile and furniture and keeping positive to keep going. >> and that is the message we got from almost everyone we spoke with. they say they will be back. they say they will rebuild. reporting from the beach, abc news. >> the statue of liberty will remain closed indefinitely because of sandy. water flooded the liberty island
5:07 am
and ellis island and the storm hit there. is some damage but it doesn't appear to be too severe. statute of liberty reopened a week ago after a $30 million renovation. disney and abc are making tomorrow a day of giving to the victims of sandy. disney is starting it off with donation to the red cross. you can give $10.00 to the relief efforts by texting and you can donate to the red crosby calling 1-800-help-now or by going online to with just two days remaining until election day the presidential candidates are businesscy focusing on the battleground states. the latest abc washington post poll shows the race is tied at 48 mercer. here's abc news reporter with a look at the final campaign push. >> the countdown is on.
5:08 am
president obama and mitt romney traveled from one swing state to another in a battle for votes and victory on tuesday. >> four more years, four more years! >> the last leg minutes large rallies and the president has star power. katie perry warmed up the crowd for him. sounding a little raspy, the president asked for more time to finish the work he started. >> we made real progress these past four years. but we are all gathered here today because we've got more work to do. >> mitt romney made his final stop of the day in colorado. he says the progress so far isn't enough and it's time for change. >> the question of this election comes down to this, do you want more of the same or do you want real change? >> it was the last day of early voting in florida. voters there face long lines, some waiting hours to get into polling centers. and in response to super storm sandy, new jersey governor chris
5:09 am
christie ordered county clerks to open their offices this weekend to allow storm victims to vote. they are also allowing registered voters to do so electronically. >> another packed day sunday for the candidates. they will focus on the key swing states and it will be that way until the election. abc news, washington. yes, after nearly two years of campaigning, the race for president is down to the wire. coming up at 8:00, top advisors for both president barack obama and mitt romney respond to the latest abc news washington post tracking poll and discuss the new wildcard in the race, the effects of superstorm sandy. don't miss abc's this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 right hearby on abc7. and stay with us for complete election results tuesday. get realtime results on the moment the polls close. and we will have live updates
5:10 am
all night lining at and through twitter @abc7 news bay area. two police officers killed while trying to search for a missing child. >> it is sad. >> a hit-and-run victim shares her story while the search is still on for the driver.
5:11 am
5:12 am
[ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> new this morning, tragedy in atlanta as the city mourns the loss of two police officers killed late last night in a helicopter crash while searching for a missing child. witnesses say the low-flying police helicopter suddenly publiclinged to the ground, exploding into a fireball. it happened 10:30 last night.
5:13 am
a man who ran to the wreckage said nobody could have survived. known on the ground was injured and the nine-year-old boy the officers was searching for was found unharmed. the faa is investigating the crash, and police will not speculate on what caused it. power lines came down at the time, creating a power outage for 1300 homes and businesses. the games of the two officers have not been released. police say their families have been notified. a strange discovery for some residents in san francisco. they heard a bump upstairs in their home. when they went up to check it out, they found a dead man. it happened friday night on banks street. police say it appears the 53-year-old man had snuck in and was trying to sneak back out but he stepped on a broken sink or toilet, then fell and died. this morning a disabled san mateo woman is recovering after being struck by a
5:14 am
hit-and-run driver. the accident happened thursday night on el camino and belmont. the collision left her motorized wheelchair heavily damaged. we have the details. >> this never happened. >> reporter: stephanie would like to forget everything about thursday night. >> it was very scary, yeah. >> reporter: stephanie is severely disabled and depends on her motorized wheelchair for everything. she was meeting friends at this i-hop when a friend turned in front of her, side swiping her chair and legs. the driver suddenly took off. >> it happens. >> the sudden collision left stephanie injured and in a state of shock, but she does remember two things, the driver was a woman in a dark-colored mercedes and that driver actually stopped, got out and asked stephanie a question. >> she got out and asked me if i
5:15 am
was okay. i said i don't know. she said i -- i'm coming right back. >> did she come back? >> no. >> okay. >> stephanie was treat ted hospital for injuries to her foot, but her wheelchair is broken, out of service. >> it got damaged. the metal pads fell off. >> the metal foot pads are bent. >> right now i'm not sure if they can fix it or not. >> if it can be fixed, she's not sure she has the money to pay for it. belmont police are looking for the driver of the car but tell abc7 news they have few leads. there were no witnesses. stephanie is using this wheelchair for now on lone temporarily. she would like her old wheelchair back. more than that, she would like something from the driver who hit her. >> like apologize. >> in san mateo, abc7 news. >> a three-day strike over wages
5:16 am
and other issues is underway at two sonoma county hospitals. nurses and workers at santa rosa memorial and petaluma valley hospitals walked off the job yesterday morning. union leaders say the strike is the result of hospital demands to cut on-call and night shift pay. well, we rertainly enjoyed that extra hour of sleep. it might not mean a lot of to other people but when you get up early like this, it does. let's talk weather. today another beautiful day out there if you like it dry. even warmer today and we are not done with this warming trend. in fact, really just getting underway. clear skies, a little bit of fog up toward santa rosa, half moon bay, and we are talking about an earlier sunrise, earlier sunset, and big-time warming in the days ahead. i'll have that for you next. >> alrighty. also, next, it was the third game of the season but it had the intensity of the playoff
5:17 am
game. the warriors leading from the opening tip in l.a. but could they hold off the
5:18 am
[ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll.
5:19 am
>> welcome back. time right now 5:19. hope you remembered to turn the clock back. this is a live look from the golden gate bridge. not a whole lot of traffic going on at this time of the morning. but today is the day to get out of your car and enjoy the lovely weather. our meteorologist lisa argen is here to tell us just how nice it's going to be. >> in fact, so nice today because tomorrow getting pretty hot out there. we are talking records around the bay, perhaps right on through tuesday. then, you know what's coming? the other extreme, big time. >> rain? >> rain and temperatures as much as 20 degrees below normal come thursday and fridays. so we are talking extremes here. as you head out this morning, a
5:20 am
little cool but numbers range from the upper >>s to the 50s. and we are looking at that sun setting at 5:07. so certainly a shorter day out there, but plenty more to enjoy before we see a big transition come, say, about wednesday. live doppler 7 hd right now, and the temperature and the dewpoint getting awfully close up in santa rosa, half moon bay. that's where we had just a little bit of fog. otherwise we are looking at clear conditions and the flow turning offshore the next couple days. 58 in san francisco, 54 mountain view, antioch 57 and a few upper 4s up toward the north. napa 49, 48 by the delta. half moon bay at 48. but otherwise we are looking at most temperatures a little warmer this morning except for those protected valleys of the north bay. you are four or five degrees warmer from redwood city to fremont and san jose this morning. a little bit of fog. otherwise we are just on our way to a rapid warmup today.
5:21 am
possible records tomorrow and tuesday. then the bottom falls out after that. here comes the warming trend. it's high pressure that builds into the upper layer surface and the upper layers of the atmosphere. what that means is that flow turns slightly offshore. more of a northerly flow so the down sloping winds allowing for rapid warming today with some 80s possible. look it, it's a state-wide event with 84 in los angeles, 80 down by san diego and look at big sur, 80s on the coast. we are talking another five to seven degrees of warming tomorrow into tuesday. so that should take us about 15 to 20 degrees above normal by the time we hit election day. but i think tomorrow should be the warmest day of the work week. so average highs mid-60s here. talking 74 in san francisco, 677 oakland. san jose we have low 80s up toward the north in santa rosa, 80 for concord, livermore. half moon bay 68 and down by the
5:22 am
monterey bay, santa cruz, 80 degrees today. 81 hollister. enjoy it. it's going to get pretty warm out there in the days ahead. for the raiders game today, 1:00, 72 degrees. looking at mid-70s by about 4:00. really remarkable for this day. but we aren't stopping there. mid-80s on monday and then by tuesday maybe a few degrees of warming as the on shore flow kicks back in. transition as the numbers drop wednesday. 66 on thursday with some showers. only in the 60s, barely, on friday. this is a system that won't be remembered for the rain but the cold air and maybe some snowy peaks, mount hampton and mt. diablo the end of the work work. >> what a swing. let's check out sports. raiders host the buccaneers at 1:305 at the coliseum. last night the warriors were in l.a. playing. clippers, playing without two
5:23 am
key plays are for the first time this season. here's collin resch with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. what had been feared became reality yesterday. warriors swing man brandon rush out for the season with a torn acl suffered in their home opener monday night. undermanned but not overwhelmed last night in l.a. the warriors don't want to play them in back-to-backs. no rush, no bogut. everyone picking up the slack. years jumped out to 18-6 lead. curry 3 of 23. played 23 minutes. griffin, spinning optional. spinning and got away with the walk there. no call. game tied at 67. landry huge off the bench. 11 of 16 from the field. you can count that. acrobatic finish, 967 - 83 warriors clippers a late rally. chris paul downtown, one point gain and he had 27. former warrior jamal crawford,
5:24 am
up with the three in the corner. tied at 105. more from steph. warriors lead again. 10 seconds left, chris paul for the win or the tie. no. steph steps in takes the charge. warriors never trailed. they gut out a 114-110 win handing the clippers their first loss. a huge win for stanford yesterday at colorado. that was expected. what we didn't expect was the role of quarterback kevin hogan. he may replays nunez as the starter from here on out. buffalo fans, they could have left after this because it was not fun for the buffalos. jordan webb, plenty of time. still through the pick six to ed reynolds. second in as many weeks. 48 yards. 7-0, cardinals. nunez airmails this one pastor reel. nearly picked off. 3 for 5, 23 yards.
5:25 am
in comes hogan. second quarter. hand-off. stepfan taylor finds the hole and it's a big one, 26 yards. taylor's seventh rushing touchdown. the year. hogan 111 yards. the first half alone 32 yards. and what a grab by toiloo in traffic. hogan, the bootleg. yeah, he's open. stanford led 35 - 0 at half. hogan 6'4", 225. 184 yards, two scores and rushed for 38 yards. stanford many proves 7-2, crush colorado 38-0. and they host the 11th ranked oregon state next saturday. san jose state on the road taking on the vandals of moscow. and jabari carr, that's a thing of beauty. between two defenders, makes the grab, gets his feet down, spartans on top 14-7.
5:26 am
they outscore idaho in the second half. fale, four scores that one to chandler jones 35 yards. spartans improve to 7 live 2. they pound the vandals 32-14. your look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! coming up. a look at upperstorm sandy. and a woman whose life has been taken over by a public guardian. the police were called when the abc7 news eye
5:27 am
5:28 am
>> here's the latest from super storm sandy. power is being restored to most affected areas but some 2.2 million homes and businesses are still in the dark and colder overnight temperatures dipped into the 30s.
5:29 am
flying high above the tri-state area, abc news got an exclusive look at the coast guard's cleanup efforts along the canal that separates new jersey from staten island. and also this morning that crane that dangled precariously is now safely tethered to the side of the building. the bay area is helping the storm-ravaged east coast by sending money, volunteers and blood. we have the details. >> reporter: the red cross blood donation center is still busy almost a week after sandy devastated the east coast. donors poured in when the storm was at its worst. some people are still motivated to donate after seeing the devastation sandy left behind. >> you can't be not motivated if you see anything on tv or hear reports about what happened in new york, new jersey, all up and down the coast. >> stephen decided while donating money helps the red cross function, being a universal blood donor is just as
5:30 am
important. >> i want to help our friends in the east coast. instead of writing a east coast i have 0 negative blood and i thought i would donate blood today instead. >> donations are 25% higher than they usually are this time of year. it caused the closure of blood collection centers when the storm hit on the east coast of the there became a need for not only blood but blood platelets. that's what they sent the areas. >> they only have a shelf life of five days so if you are not collecting platelets on the east coast for three, four, five days you see their inventory is going to run out. we had to ship some of the inventory out there. >> 82 bay area volunteers have been sent to help those affected by the storm. this red cross emergency vehicle is also being shipped back east lead owing en a drive to new york city are shelby of san jose and stewart of super teen no. it will take them five days to get to the east coast where they plan on driving around and doing whatever they can to provide
5:31 am
comfort, food and clothing to those who need it according to him. >> we look for people who need our red cross help. and we notify others so we make sure they get the help, as well as we can provide a hot meal, something like that out there. >> as far as blood donations go, the red cross said there's been such a surge ever donors that some had to wait a half-hour or longer to donate blood so they are asking people to make appointments that will make things go a lot smoother. in san francisco, abc7 news. today three local chapters of the red cross are sending emergency response vehicles to help victims of sandy. this morning at 6:00 a truck with two crewmembers departs fairfield, carrying enough supplies to provide 3,000 meals a day. this afternoon two more emergency response vehicles leave from oakland and burlingame. they will join the crew of 40 bay area volunteers deployed to the region last week. disney and abc are making
5:32 am
tomorrow a day of giving to victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give ten dollars to the relief effort. you can also donate to the red crosby calling 1-800-help-now or by going online to santa clara county public guardian's office is facing criticism this morning. some families tell us the county is isolating their elderly loved once, unmonthsly and taking control of their entire lives right down to who they can visit. here is dan noyes with part two of this i-team investigation. i need my family. they took that away from me, you know. >> that's the voice of 82-year-old woman. >> i don't do anything, anything
5:33 am
here. >> i know. >> because this is like a prison. >> it's like a prison? >> she suffers from dementia and her son marcus made the recording of one ever only three visits he's been allowed with his mother in more than two years. >> they hijacked my mother. >> the santa clara public guardian's office conserve her, took over her personal and medical decisions in 2010 after she visited hospitals 19 times in a single year. a court investigator determined her family, including her son, could not care for her. >> maybe there were family members involved with the person, but they weren't caring for that person by the appearance. >> lee poland is the director of santa clara county social services. he would not speak specifically about her case, but said the public guardian does not conserve a person without cause. >> it would have to be a constellation of situations. was there money that was available to provide the elderly person care that she needed? and it wasn't being provided? >> marcus was living with his
5:34 am
mother at the time the county took over. he said he loves her and was doing the best he can. >> my mom wants to come home. we have a home. she has food, clothing, shelter. i tan kay tear of her. i was taking good care of her. >> but the public guardian kicked out marcus and sold the house to pay for his mother's care. he end up living in his car for a time and his mom was moved to an assisted living facility. >> my mother and i are very close, we have always been very close. >> marcus is frustrated with the situation and a court investigator said he becomes hostile toward facility staff, yells, and overwhelms staff with his demands so they got a court order restricting vision wits his mom. they should be supervised. he reported his last meet to go protect himself from what he calls the guardian's life. >> they have taken everything. i'm not a criminal. >> okay. i haven't done anything.
5:35 am
>> you managed to mack your mother very upset. >> i didn't make my mother upset, she's upset, sir. >> i am going to ask you to turn off your tape. >> she clutched my arm and sobbed on to my shoulder for an hour talking about how lonely she is. >> she's an advocate to stop guardian abuse. she said not only is the public guardian restricting marcus' visits with his mom but all of her potential visitors. she was able to see her twice before getting kicked out of the facility. she said 18 members of her group have tried to call up and set up visits with the woman, and all have been denied. >> if the laws were followed and her rights were observed and honored, this would not be happening. >> kincaid points to the notice of conserve tee's rights. a document in every conserved person's court file. unless the court limits or takes away a right like visits from family and friends, then the conserve tee retains the right to have these visitors k and california code title 22 states a resident has a right to have
5:36 am
his or her visitors, including advocate representatives, permitted to visit private during reasonable hours and without prior notice. >> if you took your grandmother and locked her up in the spare bedroom, you could go to jail for that. but if the public guardian does it to your grandmother, it's called conservatorship. >> i wanted to see if the public guardian is following the rules. i walked in and asked to see her and another conserved woman. the staff called the county. >> residents can serve by the county and we have to follow the rules. they have a court order that puts them in charge of the residents. the public guardian's office told me by phone i couldn't see her or the other woman until they performed a background check on me. and they instructed them to call the police. >> why call the police on me? what danger did i pose to anyone at the nursing home? >> i think you ask the public should feel good about that
5:37 am
because that means that the public guardian, acting as the conserve tore of individuals in any kind of residential facility, is thinking first of protecting that person's interests. >> oh, come on. what family was a danger to anyone? >> i introduced myself to the officer who responded. he didn't really understand why he was there. he gave me an incident card and left. >> we absolutely want people to see other individuals to have socialization, to be around family and friends, but it needs to be done in a way that isn't going to be alarming to them. and that we know about. >> marcus said i got just a taste of the trouble he's received from the county. according to the court investigator, his mother, despite her dementia, is capable of choosing a president. they made sure she's registered to vote. hark cuss said she should be able to pick her own visitors and choose where she lives. >> if i'm still alive, will they let me come home for christmas,
5:38 am
christmas day? >> marcus tells me his mother finally got a phone in the room so they are talking more often. she's made a couple of mays stakes trying to regain row gain control his mothers care. he failed to show up for a couple meetings but he feels the deck has been stacked against him. the guardian told me it would be two days for my background check. it's been two weeks and i'm still waiting. dan noyes, awc7 news. >> following money. you may be surprised to learn what happens when a refinery is fine after a leak or fire. coming up next, one local mayor is saying show me the money. here is a live look from our roof cam. lisa argen is going to have your forecast. let me tell you, there will be record huff setting highs this week, followed by unseasonable lows this week. oh, yes. lisa will have your full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
5:39 am
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welcome back. team right now 5:41. as you set your clock back last night, did you remember to check your smoke detector and your carbon monoxide detector? those are words of advice from fire departments throughout the bay area trying to help you remember to put safety first. this is a live look from our damage cam. lisa argen says temperatures today, mid-70s south, mid-80s wart santa rosa. going to be really warm weather the first couple of days, but then change is on the way. she will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. a west contra costa county mayor is questioning where all the money collected from bay area air quality fines is going. his complaint comes nearly three
5:42 am
months after that huge fire at the chevron refinery in richmond which blanketed much of the east bay in thick, black smoke. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has our story. i'm alarmed. i'm a citizen in this area. >> dan, the mayor of hercules, one of the cities not far from this, the huge fire that engulfed the area at the chevron refinery in august. the bay area management office has said it plans to fine chevron, a fine that could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> what alarmed me is the fine system that the air quality district brings up goes into their general fund. the perception from the community is that those fines that are collected are going back to the community. >> under state law any penalty in the air district levies go into the general fund. however, recently the board of director of the air district has provided direction to have the money be spent in the community.
5:43 am
>> but there are no guarantees and the practice has been uneven. in 2009 the air district collected $515,000 in fines from developer lanar for failing to monitor the dust at the hunters point naval shipyard. all of that money went into air quality programs in the community. but in 2008 when the air board and the county collected $2.2 million from shell for a barebone monoxide problem at the martinez refinery, only 10% went to an air quality project at one local elementary school. the air quality district hasn't totaled the fines yet but they think at least half the money should go to the local community. >> it may not be 50%, but the air board says they are working on it. >> we have had it in writing. we did rescind a couple years ago due the economic times and the shrinking revenues the district had but i'm sure they
5:44 am
will consider putting that in as a policy again. >> the air board is also lobbying the state legislature to limit the amount they can fine a company after a major incident. abc7 news. lisa argen is here with a preview of her accuweather forecast. i don't understand how things can change so rapidly. >> well, autumn sometimes brings big extremes and we are talking about getting underway. our little heat wave today. the sun coming up pretty soon, 6:39. got that extra hour of sleep. yeah, we are talking 70s downtown, 80s they beaches as soon as tomorrow. >> and a look at the annual holiday food drive. we will show you why this year's goals are especially
5:45 am
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5:47 am
joining us for the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our julymer cam. something for everybody this week in terms of weather. if you like it warm and toasty, you've got that. if you like it a bet on the cold, chilly side, you'll have that. lisa argen will be along with a fuel accuweather forecast in just a few. contra costa county officials will be sprague insecticide to kill mosquitoes tomorrow at the former concord naval weapons station to try to control the west nile virus. the fogging begins just before 6:00 in the morning and should take about 40 minutes. it's been a week since the end of the world series, but giants fever is still alive and well. evidence of that was at macy's union square yesterday. that's giants centerfielder angel pagan who was on center
5:48 am
stage signing merchandise for a load of fans. pagan had an autograph and he had a smile for everyone. why not? he is a world champion. the national academy of television artz and sciences have honored a member of the abc7 news family. yesterday they inducted photographer kathy into the silver circle. wreck fliesing her achievements of over 30 years in bay area television. kathy has covered every major news event in that time. she's traveled overseas on assignment and covered most national elections. congratulations, kathy. we hope this she's going to be here to bring us many more years of wonderful video and that silver circle is so much fun. you just see everybody who has been around for years. >> i saw you there. >> i was there enjoying it. >> okay. hopefully you enjoy the weather today. the next couple days. it's getting a. >> warm out there. here's the view from mount tam.
5:49 am
boy, is it a gorgious start out there. the sun coming up 6:39, setting 5:07. lots of things going around the bay today. how about 80 degrees in santa cruz for the sea glass festival today. try valley, the veteran's day parade should be beautiful. getting on the warm side in numbers in the lower 80s. hope you enjoy the warmth. if not, give it a couple days and we are lacking at temperatures well below average. getting there by wednesday, but by thursday and friday, yeah, you are going to need the coat and the umbrella. live doppler 7 hd. we are clear. just a little bit of fog up toward santa rosa auction half moon bay. temperatures this morning are somewhat cool, but you know we are still warmer than we were yesterday. 49 in napa, 48 half moon bay. the warm spot oakland, 55. good morning, san francisco. 58 for you and 57 in fremont. so we've talked with about the warmth coming our way. it's with us today. possible records pretty much
5:50 am
everywhere from oakland to santa rosa, down around san jose. here's how we are looking. today, tomorrow and tuesday low 80s today santa rosa, upper 80s tomorrow. that could be a record. man a degree cooler tuesday. we get the down-sloping winds and high pressure building in. in the 80s tomorrow. near that in san francisco. notice the cooling on wednesday close to the city and the peninsula will go from the low 80s today, redwood city to about 80 tomorrow and then the upper 70s. same deal had in san jose. livermore you are staying warm right through the next three days." pick your city and you will notice that the temperatures really are going to respond to this big ridge of high pressure and the flow around that is clockwise. so the strong, down sloping north winds taking over throughout the afternoon today, tomorrow and then a portion of the bay area begins to cool come tuesday. so here's the setup. next couple of days, it's high pressure. then by wednesday a big drop in
5:51 am
temperatures. we will be back to perhaps 70 degrees in our warmest inland valleys. and by thursday and friday, barely making it to around 60. light rain showers mount hamilton, mt. diablo, possibility of a little snow mixed in with the cold front. so enjoy the next couple of days if you like the warmth. 77 fremont, 82 in livermore today with 74 in the city, 68 half moon bay. down by the monterey bay, 80 today santa cruz, 83 in gilroy. so we will look for those comfortable numbers tonight and then election day, yeah, it's going to be beautiful out there with numbers approaching the low to mid-70s by noontime. lower 80s again for much of our east bay. and a comfortable evening. here's the look ahead. you will notice that the cooling really is pretty dramatic by midweek and that's our much, much cooler end of the week. don't ask me what happens beyond that. [laughter] >> that's a lot. >> that is a lot. so you've got the record highs.
5:52 am
there are also going to be record lows? >> possibly. we will look into that. but still evolving, that low. >> all right. and tuesday's weather so nice, no excuse not to get to the polls. >> yeah, right. >> thank, lisa. >> with unemployment still high, feeding the hungry is an ongoing challenge here in the bay area. it's a problem that grows more acute during the holidays. abc7 news reporter david loui checks in with second harvest food bank in the south bay. social service agencies say long-term unemployment remains a problem in silicon valley and that's why you ten to see demands for food programs. second harvest food bank has set a goal to raise $12.4 million and collect 2 million pounds of food over the next three months. it helps to feed a quarter million people every month in san mateo and san rafael counties. these are volunteers to box up fresh produce. they partner with 300 agencies
5:53 am
that in turn distribute the food at 760 location across the two counties. cisco ceo, john chambers, said the company has been contributing to second harvest for 21 years. the competitiveness of the senior staff is apparent in a mission like this. the need is great. >> even though it is a lot better than a year ago, it's still ten% of our population that needs help and on the global basis probably 3 billion underfed. we should change our valley first, change our country next and play a role in changing the world. i think we can. >> other companies, along with the san francisco 49ers help to about kickoff the campaign. >> though the problem is large, we believe it's solvable and working together we can ensure that anyone who needs a meal can actually get one. >> these donation barrels will be set up in offices and businesses. the faces are real. bell law and chris from san jose receive food assistance from
5:54 am
second harvest with their parents lost their jobs. >> the large, big-name corporations often make substantial contributions to these type of efforts. so do small groups, community groups and schools in making sure the people do not go hungry. in san jose, david loui, abc7 news. up next, a treat for stargazers. we will tell you when you can see two prominent meteor showers good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee...
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i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> take a look at the winning numbers from last night's $8 million super lotto plus. 11, 14, 20, 36, 39. the meganumber 11. no one correctly picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $9 million. many americans don't like to do ath. new research may suggest why. scientists found when some people do math they actually feel the same anxiety associated with pain. scientists hooked up 28 people
5:57 am
to brain scanners and had them do math problems. some people had no anxiety, others showed the same brain activity linked to the sensation of pain. two prominent meteor showers will begin lighting up the night skies starting tomorrow. for the next two weeks, weather permitting, you may be able to see flashes of light and shooting stars. first comes the torid meteor, sometimes called the halloween fireballs because they occur at this time every year. then comes one that should produce about 15 visible shooting stars every hour. the best viewing is well after midnight in areas free from city lights. astronomers say the meteor showers will be active all month long. >> coming up, last minute talks breakdown. now thousands of raily's employees are moments away from heading to the picket line. we will have a live report. and a slow road to recovery for
5:58 am
victims on the east coast. we will take you inside one of the hardest-hit areas.
5:59 am
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